Welcome to Vijay Jewellers, where our journey in crafting beautiful Gold, Silver, and Diamond jewellery began over 30 years ago. It all started in a small shop in Atrauliya-Azamgarh by Mr. Rampratap Seth and has since been continued with passion by his son, Mr. Vijay Kumar Soni.

Our Story of Growth

Thanks to Mr. Rampratap Seth dedication and learning in the art of jewellery, we expanded to a our shop in Atrauliya-Azamgarh. Our goal has always been to provide pure, perfect, and high-quality jewellery that fulfills your desires.


woman in brown long-sleeved dress
woman in brown long-sleeved dress

NOTE - We are dedicated to providing beautiful and affordable jewellery to our customers.

What makes gold prices go up/down?

In the realm of finance, the fluctuations in gold prices are influenced by various factors. Gold is commonly perceived as a secure investment in times of economic decline. The dynamics of the market, including shifts in the dollar index, alterations in interest rates, policies enacted by central banks, worries about inflation, trade tensions, and political instability, can all play a role in affecting the price of gold. Moreover, changes in the value of currencies like the rupee and adjustments in import tariffs can also exert an impact on gold prices.

Who controls the price of gold?

The pricing of gold is predominantly steered by the trading activity in the London Over-the-Counter (OTC) spot gold market and the COMEX gold futures market, rather than the supply and demand for physical gold. The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) generally follow the price trends established by the London and New York paper gold markets. Furthermore, global economic and political occurrences, along with central bank strategies and currency fluctuations, also wield considerable influence over the gold price.

gold and black rectangular case
gold and black rectangular case



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Quality Craftsmanship

Experience the artistry of our skilled jewelers.

Customize your own unique piece.

Repair and restoration services available.

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Our Happy Customers

The jewellery I purchased from Vijay Jewellers is absolutely stunning, by-Nitu Sukla.

I highly recommend Vijay Jewellers for their exceptional quality and service,by-Manipal Singh.

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silver-colored ring in red box
silver-colored ring in red box

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